Subject Matters

Of course, the most obvious benefit of AI-generated content for your business is its price.

When it comes to outsourcing content writing, many companies rely on ghostwriters who often use basic AI tools and manual editing processes. As a result, a significant portion of the content being sold is knowingly AI-generated or not focused on the end customer.

The problem with manual content writing lies in the fact that writers are often paid per word or article, leading them to prioritise quantity over high-quality research. Conversely, well-researched content comes at a high premium as subject matter experts delve into their fact-finding missions.

Cheap content in most cases, negatively impacts the content’s performance in terms of SEO and resonance with readers. It can be potentially damaging to the company’s image.¬†But there is a solution: The happy medium of AI-assisted writing.

By leveraging bespoke training models and utilizing the right tools, AI can revolutionize the content creation process. This not only enhances the quality of the output but also significantly improves its value to the reader. Incorporating research tools and human composition ensures that the content maintains a high level of quality throughout the entire process, while still being relatively scalable.

With AI-assisted writing, businesses can overcome the limitations of manual content creation and deliver content that not only meets volume requirements but also resonates with the audience. By combining the power of AI and human expertise, companies can maintain quality, enhance SEO performance, and improve their overall brand image.

Make the switch to AI-assisted writing and experience the difference it can make in providing valuable and impactful content to your readers.